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About Better Than Before

Better Than Before is founded on the basic principle of keeping my clients floor coverings "healthy".

Better Than Before,
Cleaning and Restoration

Restoring Your Sense of Clean

Cleaning is MY business! I am detail oriented, and a perfectionist when it comes to making your flooring materials look and be, the best they can be.

 15 years of cleaning and restoration have given me the ability to bring solutions to many flooring issues. In order to properly clean and maintain flooring, a cleaner needs to have a good knowledge base of how these materials are manufactured and applied in our homes and businesses.

 From general carpet cleaning, wood floor buffing, tile and grout cleaning, to carpet repair and re-stretching, I can help you solve your flooring and textile issues.
Why Choose Better Than Before?
Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction
  • State of the Art Equipment
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free Estimates
  • No extra charges for spots/stains
  • 13 Years of cleaning Excellence!
  • Redmond
    Mercer Island